Materials List


11/16 x 71/4 x 96" Maple


VAts x 3'/2 x 60" Maple (3 needed)

Choose from a rainbow of finishes

We gave our shelf system a clear finish: three coats of Deft Semi-Gloss Clear Wood Finish. When the finish was dry, we rubbed down the luster with 0000 steel wool.

We also experimented with three other finishes that you could use for the entire project or selected parts. For example, you could apply a clear finish to the shelves and base assembly (E, F, G), and paint all the other parts. Finish 1 gives you an antique cracked-paint look. To do it, basecoat the piece with latex flat black paint, and let dry. Then, brush on a coat of Franklin Hide Glue, and let it dry for 24 hours. Finally, brush on a contrasting latex topcoat. The cracks appear as the finish dries. Commercial kits also are available for a crackle finish. Finish 2 was base painted (Folk Art brand rose garden acrylic), and allowed to dry. We then brushed on a glaze (Plaid's Folk Art Country Color Decorating Glaze in rose pompeii). Before the glaze could dry, we covered it with a sheet of plastic wrap from the kitchen, then pulled it off. The plastic wrap removed some of the glaze, producing a mottled effect.

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