Make the base and top next

IRip and crosscut two pieces 73/s" square from VV'-thick oak. One will be the base (E), and the other is the top (F). Draw diagonal lines from the corners of each piece to locate the centers. Drill a %" hole in the top (F), and then set it aside for now.

2 Referring to Drawing 5, put a circle cutter in your drill press, and cut a 3" hole in the base (E). For safety, use a slow speed (250 rpm or less).

3Go to your table-mounted router, and install a piloted 'A" rabbeting bit. Cut a rabbet lA" deep on the bottom side of the base.

4 Fasten an auxiliary fence about 6" high to your tablesaw's rip fence, as shown on Drawing 6. Completely lower

%" carriage bolt 4" long

Use this fixture to hold bottom in place while drilling holes, and top in place while glue dries.



2 Rip a 30" length of %"-thick oak to 5A" wide for the grille rails (D) after you double-check the actual width of these pieces against the size of the dadoes you cut in the grille stiles (C). If necessary, plane to get a tight fit. Now, resaw the stock in half, and then plane to the finished 3/i6" thickness.

3 Check the finished dimension of the grille rails against the frame opening of the lantern assembly, and then crosscut the grille rails to final length.

4 Glue up the grilles, using 5/8M-wide scraps to space the stiles. Use only a through the base to V32", and countersink. Do not drive the screws yet.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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