Lets start with the columns

IRip and crosscut 3/4M-thick cherry into initially oversize 2^4X13" blanks for the column sides (A). You'll need 32 for the shelving system shown, but make a few extras in case some are ruined in later machining operations.

2 Bevel-rip the blanks to a finished width of 2" as shown on Drawing 1.

Safety note: Set your tablesaw's rip fence as shown so that your stock cannot become trapped between the blade and fence. A trapped workpiece can kick back suddenly and violently, causing serious injury.

Also refer to Drawing 2 to see how to hide accumulated cutting-angle error inside the columns. Even an error as small as one-fourth of a degree in each cut multiplies eight times into a 2° gap.

3 Put the column blanks faceup in groups of four on your bench. Put two strips of masking tape across the blanks, and then turn them over. Brush a thin coat of glue into the joints, and then roll up the assembly, as shown on Drawing 3, and tape it shut. See the Shop Tip below for ways to supply clamping pressure.

4Untape the columns when the glue is dry, and sand. Then, cut the columns to 12" long.

5 Chuck a 'A" roundnose bit into your table-mounted router, and set its tip 3/i6" above the surface of the table as shown on Drawing 4. Then, set your fence 5A" from the center of the bit, and rout the flutes.

Note: With one fence setting, you can rout all the flutes except the center one. Carefully reset the fence, and then rout the center flute.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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