Lets make the walnut face frame

ICut the stiles (E), top rail (F), and bottom rail (G) to the sizes listed in the Materials List.

2 Cut or rout a %" groove 3/s" deep along the back outside edge of both stiles (E), where shown on Drawing 1b.

Note that the stiles (E) extend V\<" past the outside face of the sides (A). This protrusion will be routed flush later.

3Using double-faced tape, adhere the top rail (F) flush with one end of a sheet of plywood. Using trammel points, swing a 46" arc intersecting the lower corners of the top rail along the bottom edge of the top rail. (See Drawing 1 for reference.) Bandsaw the arc to shape. Sand the arc to remove the saw marks.

4 Construct a startblock and stopblock to the sizes shown on Drawing 2. Clamp the longer block to the top front face of the stile and the shorter block to the bottom end, where shown on Drawing 2.

5 Fit your router with an edge guide and a W core-box bit.

6 Now, before routing the flutes, position the router against the blocks to check that the flutes will start SW from the bottom end of the stile and stop 11 Vi" from the top; adjust the length of the stops if necessary. (The location of the stops will depend on the size of your router base.)

7Set the bit to cut Vie" deep, and rout five flutes in the front face of both stiles, as dimensioned on Drawing 2a. To minimize sanding later, make a second pass on each flute. (See Photo A.)

8Dry-clamp the face frame pieces (E, F, G) to the frame, and mark dowel-hole reference lines across the front face of each, where dimensioned on Drawing 1. Remove the clamps, and drill mating 3/s" holes n/j6" deep where marked.

9Glue and clamp the face frame, checking for square. Later, remove the clamps, and sand the back surface flush for a tight fit against the front.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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