Its your choice Spoon or thimble shelves

ICut the shelves (D) to size from V2" stock. (We resawed 3A" stock to size.) You'll need three shelves for spoons or five for thimbles.

2 For the spoon shelves, mark the hole centerpoints, where dimensioned on Drawing 3 on page 72. Drill and countersink a 5/i6M hole at each centerpoint. (See Drawing 3a for reference.) Flip over the piece and countersink the holes on the opposite surface.

3 With a combination square, mark the kerf locations centered on the holes just drilled. Attach an auxiliary fence to your miter gauge. Raise your blade W

above the saw table, and cut the kerfs where marked, as shown in Photo A.

4 To build the thimble shelves, mark the dowel-hole centerpoints on five shelves, where shown on Drawing 3. Using a brad-point or Forstner bit, drill twelve 'A" holes 3/s" deep, where marked, in each shelf. (To ensure consistent hole depths, we set the depth stop on our drill press. And, to keep the holes in a straight line, we clamped a fence to our drill-press table.)

5 Cut sixty lA" dowels 1" long for the thimble posts. Finish-sand each shelf smooth, and then sand a slight chamfer on both ends of each dowel. Place a drop of glue in each hole, and tap the dowels into place. Immediately wipe off excess glue with a damp cloth.

6 Using double-faced tape, adhere the shelves in position in the case. Drill the %4" shank holes through the back (C)

collector showcase and 5/6a" pilot holes V2" deep into the shelves, where shown on Drawing 1. Remove the shelves and double-faced tape. (We attached the shelves to the back after staining.) Now, drill a pair of lA" holes through the case back, where shown on Drawing 1, for mounting the completed case to a wall later.

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