Its time to add the back

ICut three pieces of '/("-thick cherry to 41/16" wide by 22%" long for the back panel (D). Sand a slight round-over on the front edges of each piece. (Drawing 2 on page 81 shows the method we use when we resaw thicker stock to size.)

Resaw Fence Plans
  • quot; dowels W long
  • exploded view ee chamfer detail

Router fence


Top and bottom (c)

Holes for hanging [ J cabinet on the wall 1

Va" rabbet 3/s" deep chamfer bit _

1 Vi" no-mortise hinge

Va" holes vfe" deep

Back edge of (B) flush with inside edge of rabbet

Round over edges slightly.

%4" holes, countersunk from back side with a mating %a" pilot hole in (A)

Note: Parts ©are shelves supported by shelf clips and are not shown.

See Chamfer detail

3A" dadoes Va" deep

1 x 1V2" Shaker knob

E0 spline detail

Pieces viewed from the top

Va x 17/i6" spline V long v r

Va groove-V2" deep

2 Rout a Va" rabbet %" deep along the inside edge of the top and bottom pieces (C) to match the rabbet previously cut in the side pieces. Use a sharp chisel to square the corners where the rabbets meet.

3 Lay the cabinet facedown. Position the three back pieces (D) in the rabbeted opening. Drill and countersink holes in the back-panel pieces to the sizes shown on Drawing 1.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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