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Unlock your creativity. The scroll saw the pros use for over 20 years. Cuts wood, metal, plastics, stained glass and more. Vibration free performance. Exclusive dura-torque power system and made in USA quality. Free fact kit & video. RB INDUSTRIES, INC. Circle No. 1675. ROUTER5HOPBY HAWK WOODWORKING TOOLS Solid steel work surface and patented split table design allows you to use your router in the vertical or horizontal cutting position. Exclusive crossfeed system makes using it foolproof. Free fact kit & video. RB INDUSTRIES, INC. Circle No. 1676. JOINT ABILITY BY HAWK WOODWORKING TOOLS Use your router to create perfect fitting glued up panels. Perfect for edge jointing, dados, straight-line ripping, taper cuts and more. Patented design and made in USA. Free fact kit & video. RB INDUSTRIES, INC. Circle No. 1677. RYOBI TOOLS

Ryobi's 18V Super Combo Kit comes with a drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw and flashlight... all for just $199. RYOBI TOOLS. Circle No. 1688. SHOPBOT TOOLS INC.

Be a part of the robotic too; revolution with easy to use computer controlled routers tor professional and home-based production. Build crafts, furniture, signs, 3-D carving and much more. SHOPBOT TOOLS INC. Circle No. 1714. 10 TOOLS tN 1

Ultimate Home Shop for woodworking or metalworklng. Compact, easy to use, built to last. Free catalog. SMITHY SUPERSHOP. Circle No. 1766. TOOL CfilB OF THE NORTH

Your free catalog featuring the most popular name-brand tools at the lowest prices, guaranteed. TOOL CRIB OF THE NORTH Circle No. 1779.

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