Follow this nofail rail method

Rip and crosscut the rails (B, C, D, E) to the sizes in the Materials List. Save W-thick scraps that are 1 'A" wide to make test cuts for the tenons.

Referring to Drawing 3, set up your tablesaw to cut the tenons. Raise the blade 'A" above the table, and make a cut into each face of a scrap, forming a test tenon. Check the fit of the tenon into a mortise, and make any adjustments necessary. When you're satisfied with the setup, cut the cheeks of each tenon. With the same setup, make the W'-deep cut at the top of rails B and D. Raise the blade to lA" above the table, and make the top cut in the bottom rails (C, E), and the bottom cut in all the rails. Refer to Drawing 1a to see the layout of the tenons.

3Install a 'A" dado blade in your table-saw, raise it 'A" above the table, and set your rip fence to cut the groove centered in the rails, where shown on Drawing 1a. Cut this groove in the lower edge of the top side rails (B) and the back top rail (D), and the upper edge of the bottom side rails (C) and the back bottom rail (E). The front rails (D, E) are not grooved.

Note: If you are installing the optional curio cabinet light, drill the mounting-screw pilot holes in the front top rail and cut the cord notch in the back top rail, where shown on Drawing 4. See the Buying Guide/or the source of our light.

Referring to Drawing 1a, mark the centerpoint of the arcs on the bottom rails (C, E). Connect that point to the bottom ends as shown in the Shop Tip, opposite. Bandsaw and sand to the line. Drill the shelf-pin holes in the inner faces of the bottom side rails (C), where shown on Drawing 4.

Mark the centerpoints and drill the counterbores and pilot holes for the desktop fasteners on the top edges of the top side rails (B), where dimensioned on Drawing 4a. Use a 3A" Forstner bit and a %4" twist drill in your drill press.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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