Ed Seat Back Stile

Immediately after clamping, check the seat-back assembly for square, and adjust the clamps as necessary.

use a taper jig for cutting this part, or mark the outline, cut it on a bandsaw, and sand it smooth.

3Mark the locations and form a pair of 3/4"-deep mortises on the inside face of each stile (Q), where shown on Drawing 5. Then, mark the locations, and drill a pair of counterbored screw holes for securing the armrests (P) to the stiles later on.

4 Cut the top and bottom seat-back rails (R, S) to size. Cut a 'A" groove ]A" deep along one edge of each, where shown on Drawings 3 and 3a on page 6. Using the same drawing and detail for reference, form a tenon on each end of each rail.

5Cut the 'A"-thick splats (T) to size. Cut the spacers (U) to size plus Vi" in length. Cut the spacers (V) to size. Dry-clamp the seat-back assembly to check the fit. Check for square and trim the spacers (U) to finished length. Glue and clamp the seat back together, checking for square, as shown in Photo A, above.

Let the assembly begin

Note: We found it much more accurate to build the seat-back assembly, and then transfer the tenon lines to the seat sides (J) to locate the mortise. Precutting the mortises in the seat sides (J) and hoping that the seat-back and armrest assemblies fit perfectly can be risky. Forming the mortises in the seat sides and then assembling the seat-back assembly allows absolutely no room for error regarding the fit of the tenons into the mortises.

1 Working on a flat surface, lay the seat-back assembly against the back edge of the seat frame. Then, center the seat-back stiles (Q) against the seat side Continued on page 10

1/2 X 2 X W deep mortise

  • a X 2Vz X 3/4" deep mortise
  • quot; holes W deep with a

5/32" hole inside

SeĀ© Drawing 5a size.

1/2 X 2 X W deep mortise


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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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