Sideslat Assembly

stopblock to your tablesaw's miter gauge extension, as shown on Drawing 4, opposite page, to ensure that all tenons are identical. Make test cuts first in scrap stock, test-iitting the tenon for a snug fit into the grooves and mortises in the legs.

4 Change to a lA" dado blade, and cut a '/"-wide groove 'A" deep the full length of one edge of parts C, D, F, and G, where shown on Drawings 1 and 2. Next, cut a '/"-wide groove '/" deep centered on the inner face of each lower side rail (E). Switch to a %" dado blade, and cut a %"-wide groove 'A" deep the


full length of the bottom edge of both middle side rails (D) and in the top edge of the lower side rails (E), where dimensioned on Drawings 5a and 5b, above.

5 Cut a '/"-wide groove 'A" deep and 3/s" from the top, along the inner face of the upper side rails (C) for the tabletop fasteners.

Note: Double-check the location of this groove against the actual dimensions of your tabletop fasteners.

6 Transfer the arch for the front skirt (H) from Drawing 10 on page 58 to your workpiece. Bandsaw just to the waste side of the cutline, and then sand the arch smooth. (We used a drum sander mounted in a drill press.)

Make the slats and slat-groove fillers

1 Plane or resaw stock to '¥?," thick for the slats (K), and double-check its thickness against the grooves in rails D

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