Mounting Clip Detail

Furniture Exploded View
  • EXPLODED VIEW (Large table)
  • x 1W mortise 1 " deep

Center top on legs. Mounting clips

Note: Although the three tables are different sizes, the methods for making the parts for each one are identical. We suggest machining the parts for all three tables at the same time. That way, you '11 only have to make each setup once.

You'll need a dozen legs

1 Laminate stock for the legs (A), and cut them to the sizes shown for each table in the Materials List. To do this, laminate two l3/i"-wide pieces of %"-thick white oak about 1" longer than the finished length of each leg. Joint one edge of each lamination, and rip the opposite edge for a piece l'/V' wide. Joint the sawn edge to finished width, and trim the leg to length.

2Mark each leg's location, such as "right rear," on its top. Orient the lamination lines, as shown on Drawing 1.

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