Cut the side rails cleats and bottom to size

IFrom l'/i6" stock, cut the side rails (I) and cleats (J) to size.

2 Using the dimensions on Drawing 3, cut the W-thick tenons on both ends of all four side rails.

3 Mark the centerpoint, and drill a 1" hole 7A" deep on the inside face of each side rail, where shown on the drawing. To prevent boring through the side rail, you must use a flat-bottomed bit, such as a Forstner, and a depth stop on your drill press.

4 Dry-clamp the side rails (I) into the mortises in the headboard and footboard assemblies, checking for square. Using the previously drilled 2¥m" holes in each leg as a guide, chuck a twist-drill bit into your portable drill, and drill as far as possible into the tenoned end of each side rail. Then, separate the leg from the side rail, and continue drilling into the tenoned ends of the side rails until the bit goes through the 1" nut-access hole for a 3" total depth.

5Drill countersunk mounting holes in each cleat (J), clamp them in place, and use the holes as guides to drill pilot holes in the inside face of the sideboard rails. Screw the cleats in place.

6 Reinstall the tenoned side rails into the mortised legs. Place a 5/i6" washer on each %" bolt (it's a tight fit, but a 5/i6M washer does fit onto a %" bolt). Slide a bolt through the hole in the leg

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