Carcase Assembly

Bore 11/2" holes in back for ventilation and wire access where required.

%" rabbet W deep routed after assembly

Note: Parts®, (§), and ©are edge-joined with splines.

wood screws


Roller catch

Roller catch strike plate

How Use Lego Assembly Furniture

Use a wooden miter-gauge extension with a guide for cutting the dentil mold.

(Side View)

5 Dry-clamp the rails (D, E) in place, drill countersunk screw holes, and then glue and screw these pieces to the carcase.

6Rout a %" rabbet 'A" deep along the back inside edge of the assembled cabinet, and then chisel the round-routed corners square.

7 Measure the rabbeted opening, and cut the back (I) to size from 'A" hard-board. If you plan to use the cabinet for electronic components, bore ventilation and wire access holes. See Drawing 1 for reference.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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