Attach the hardware

IMark the hinge locations on the right side piece (A), where shown on Drawing 1. Using double-faced tape, adhere the hinges to the side piece. With an awl, poke through the tape and screw holes in the hinge and into the side piece. Next, drill hinge mounting holes, where shown on Drawing 5.

2 With a hobby knife, score the outline of the hinges. Remove the hinges and tape. Using a sharp chisel, form a pair of !/32"-deep mortises in the side piece (A), cutting to the scored outlines. Screw the hinges to the side piece.

Spline Kerfs
Mount an auxiliary fence on your miter gauge, and cut the kerfs.

el shelves

EJ hole detail


EJ hole detail


Lock Spline Mitered

spline jig

Saw kerf -

3 full-size spline

Va" cherry

Final size after sanding

Saw kerf -

Spline Cutting Fixture

Cut a kerf through each mitered corner of the door frame.


'Plane or resaw splines to Vs" thick and shelves ┬ęto 1/2" thick.


3 Repeat the process in steps 1 and 2 above to form a pair of '/32"-deep mortises in the door.

4 Drill the mounting hole for the magnetic catch, where shown on Drawing 1. To fasten the strike plate to the mating location on the back side of the door, drill a lA" hole Vw" deep with a %4" pilot hole centered inside.

5Drill the Vs" mounting hole, and attach the knob, where shown on Drawing 1.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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