Assemble the legs supports and gussets

IWhen the glue has dried, unclamp your leg/support assemblies, and

~ Stopblock holds leg VV K, from jig.

This side already tapered

x 3" mortise 1 Vie" deep

¥32" shank hole, countersunk

4d finish nail

¥32" shank hole, countersunk

4d finish nail


dry-assemble them upside down on your bench. Square and clamp them using a corner clamp. Now, drill VW pilot holes to a total depth of l'A" through the two centered shank holes on the back face of the long support (B). Glue and screw the supports (B,C) together using #8x1 'A" flathead wood screws.

2 Clamp the two gussets into position, where shown on Drawing 6. Using a depth stop on your portable-drill bit, drill %4" pilot holes through the shank holes to a total depth of 1 'A" at each end of the long support.

3Unclamp the gussets, and apply glue to both ends. Attach them to the long support using four #8x1 'A" flathead

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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