Assemble the lantern to the base

IMark the locations of the four screw centerpoints PA" from the edges and along centerlines on the bottom of the base (E). Do not drill yet.

2 Clamp the lantern assembly to the base using the setup shown on Drawing 7. Position the clamp bar diagonally so you have access to all four screw locations. Make registration marks on the inside of the lantern assembly and base so you can reassemble the parts in the same position later. Drill Vm" pilot holes for #8x1 W screws through the base and into the lantern assembly. Be careful not to drill too deeply. Unclamp the base, enlarge the holes

9 -«ityu v auxiliary insert


Hole radius

Fly cutter point to outside FOR DISCS

small dot of glue in each notch. Keep the grilles square.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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