Assemble and enjoy your table

1 Center the leg/support assembly on the bottom face of the tabletop so that the three legs are equidistant from the edge. (Ours measured approximately 1W from each edge.) Clamp it in place, and mark the 10 pilot-hole locations by sticking a slender scratch awl or sharpened piece of coat hanger down through the counterbores and shank holes.

2 Remove the leg/support assembly, and drill the ten- Vn" pilot holes W deep, where marked on the tabletop

% X 7Va x 96" Poplar bottom face. (We used our drill press and a brad-point bit.) Then, attach the leg assembly to the tabletop using #6x2l/2" flathead wood screws. ♦

Project design: James R. Downing Illustrations: Roxanne LeMoine; Carson Ode Photograph: Hetherington Photography

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