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Iviited by .Jennifer Churchill Conteiy. edited by Michael Berger Cover designed by Brian lieeth Interior designed by Andrea Short Interior layout produced by Ben Rucker Production coordinated by Mark Griffin


Step-by-Slep Photography by: Danny Proulx

Step-by-Step Photography, chapters 13 and 14, by: .Jim Stack

Cover and Chapter Lead

Photography by:

Michael Bowie

Ui.x Photography

2450 Lancaster Rd.. Suite 25

Ottawa. Ontario, Canada

K1B 5N"i


Chapter Lead Photography, chapters 13 and 14, by: A1 Parrish

Computer Illustrations by: Len Churchill

Lenmark Communications Ltd. 590 Alden Rd., Suite 206 Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 8N2 905-475-5222

Workshop Site: Rideau Cabinets P.O. Box 331 Russell, Ontario, Canada K4R IB) 613-445-3722

Acquisitions Editor: Jim Slack

Danny Proulx has been involved in the woodworking field for more ihan 30 yours. He has operated a custom kitchen cabinet shop since 1989.

He is a contributing editor to Cabu/<,lMakrr magazine and has published articles in other magazines such as CamuUnu Hi wi Workshop, Cauiiilinu Womlnorhiiir/, Popular Woodwork)n<j, Wootlshop News and flun/rs & Cottages.

His books include Build Yoiii- Own Kilchen Cabinet*, The Kitchen Cab)nclmaker's Building and Business Manual, Hon' to Build Classic Garden Furniture, Smart Sin Irani and Storage Solnt/■ i//s, Bniidina Moth. re Cahinrlr/j and Building More Classic Card- n Fni nilnre.

Visit Danny's Well site at He can lie readied by e mail at danny'o

This book is another team effort. I couldn't meet deadlines, build ami write without the dedicated help of my wile, Gale, and my shop assistant, Jack dialers. The master of photographie art, Michael Bowie of Lux Photography in Ottawa, is the wizard behind the images, ben Churchill, of Lenmark Communications in jVlarkham, has again provided the exploded views. Len is a genius with illustrations.

The staff at Popular Woodworking Hooks is my support team; I'm very lucky lo have such a talented and dedicated group of professionals llial includes Michael Berger, .Jennifer Churchill. Emily Gross and a dozen oilier stars.

1 waul to particularly I hank PW's editorial team leader.lim Slack. He not only supported me alonfl the way doing Ihe extraordinary — ho designed and buill ihetwogreal do: k- in chaplers thirteen and fourteen. He is a talented individual. Thanks .lim!

There have been many suppliers who have contributed products, material and I clinical support during the projecl-building phase. I appreciate how helpful they've been and recommend these companies vvilhout hesitation.

Julius Blum Inc. M10-438-0788

Delta hilernalional Machinery Corp. 80(1-4:18-2480

u wood

LRH Enterprises Inc.


Houl-K-Slide Jessem Tool Co. 800-436-0799 w\\ w.jessem.coui

Please refer to the "Sources" page for a complete list of companies.

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