TQ/I 1 There are dozens of inexpensive plastic L^J^t J trays, bins and paper holders that are available at your local office supply store. You can install any number of these to suit your own requirements. I've used plastic file holder trays and attached them to wood strips. It's the perfect place for active files or phone books.

  • The armoire was finished with three coats of polyurethane. I then rubbed on a hard coat of paste wax with extra-tine steel wool, then bulfed all the surfaces.
  • The Interior compartment positions and sizes can be altered to suit your needs. With the exception of the desktop, which should be 30" above the floor, and the Interior width of the hanging file drawer, any layout is possible.
  • The bookcase as designed will hold relerence manuals, a lew CDs and soltware. But it can be built higher, lower or shorter. II you have a great many CDs, a longer section, extended to the desktop with smaller shelf spacing, is a possible option. For those of you with a number ol hardware accessories, consider eliminating one part ol the bookcase to make room tor an equipment shell stack. The pull-out tray lor the keyboard can be widened to accommodate a mouse pad by lowering the drawer compartment. Or the paper storage shell can be a printer stand with a lew modifications. To summarize, don't assume that my design Is the only design — there are many possibilities.
  • Though I used oak, any sheet material, such as MDF or plywood, is suitable. And the overall "look" of the cabinet can be changed with different mouldings to match any furniture style. For example, a thin lop moulding will make the cabinel appear more streamlined and modern.
  • Finally, search the office supply stationery stores for some of the great plastic accessories that can be attached to the doors or installed In the cabinet. They are usually Inexpensive and really help to organize your workspace.

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