Countertop Attachment Hardware

Attaching countertops during a kitchen project is often accomplished using metal brackets. It's the best method for securing something, like a kitchen counter top, which will have to be replaced In the future. These brackets come in many shapes and sizes. They provide a quick-connect capability and add strength to any project. They are sometimes used with other joinery hardware to provide extra hold when joint stress is an issue.

open the door to projects that were next to impossible in the past.

These wood products can be easily used in any shop — even the most basic one. Jigs are available to help install the hardware but there are simple tricks that make installation a snap. I'll show you some of these procedures as we go through the projects.

Don't discount these products because they will allow you to build functional and strong office furniture. They are far removed from a traditional dovetail joint in solid wood, however, these materials do have their place. I've made every type of joint in solid wood over my woodworking life and I can honestly say that I'm having more fun now that I've discovered modern hardware and materials!

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