Closet Work Center

Many of us have closets in our homes that, center. The perfect solution is bi-fold collect junk. Space is always at a premi- doors. They are easy to install because um in any house, so turning a closet into most are sold as a kit with all the necessary a functional home office makes a great hardware. Fortunately, there are a lot of deal of sense. However, all closets are dif- choices and the cost is reasonable, ferent, so providing you with specific Study the illustration at the left with dimensions isn't possible. I can illustrate your closet space dimensions in mind and a number of options using the projects decide which projects you want. Some already detailed in this book. closets aren't very wide and you may be

The first place to start is to decide how restricted to one drawer module and to hide the office space when it's not being tabletop, with a simple bookcase above. If used. Sliding doors are very common on you're lucky and have 6' or more, you can closets, but aren't much good for a work install many of the suggested options.

Base cabinets, using 5/«"-thick MPB, are constructed using the techniques in chapter three. Upper cabinets have one extra board for the top. All the pieces, including the backboard, are Vs"-thick PB and joined with PB screws in piloted holes.

Wood-edged countertops, which are detailed in chapter two, can be made to custom fit any space. And there are dozens of pattern choices available.

MPB is an inexpensive option to consider when choosing your sheet material. It's stable and strong when used correctly. Apply iron-on edge tape and you have finished panels ready for assembly.

A tower utilizes all the space and it is easy to build. Extend the side panels of the drawer modules in chapter three and add a door with shelves. The upper section can be used to store stationery supplies and media disks by adding a couple of adjustable shelves.

Inexpensive drawers can be made with MPB using a full-thickness bottom. They are built in the same manner as the Baltic birch drawers, without the side rabbets, They are strong, easy to maintain and simple to install on bottom-mounted drawer glides.

Cabinet doors and drawer faces are low-cost alternatives for the closet work center cabinets. Cut the boards to size, tape the edges and install.

MPB sheets come in dozens of colors and simulated woodgrain finishes. Many manufacturers can also supply a matching edge tape.

Closet work centers can be enhanced with divider panels for shelf support. One big advantage in these spaces is the ability to anchor partitions to the floor with metal brackets.

Hang wall cabinets in your closet work space using 3" screws driven into the studs. The two side walls and back wall allow us to install all types of cabinets and bookcase storage units.

Don't overlook lighting requirements when converting your closet into a work center. Fluorescent fixtures are ideal and the looks can be improved upon with a few boards and a sheet of '/«"-thick Plexiglas. Build a box using 1x6 material, add moulding to the bottom edge that's wide enough to create a '/»"-wide inside lip, and slip in the Plexiglas panel.

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