NOTE.—The Names of several Designers and Makers, omitted from the Index, will be found in the List in the Appendix, with references.

Academy (French) of the Arts founded

Adam, Robert and James


Ahashuerus, Palace of

Alcock, Sir Rutherford, collection of

Angelo, Michael

Anglo-Saxon Furniture

Arabesque Ornament, origin of

Arabian Woodwork

Ark, reference to the

Armoires, mention of

Art Journal, The

Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society Aspinwall, of Grosvenor Street Assyrian Furniture Aubusson Tapestry Audley End Austrian Work

Barbers' Company, Hall of the Baroque, The style Barry, Sir Charles, R.A. Beauvais Tapestry Bedroom Furniture Bedstead of Jeanne d'Albret Bedstead in the Cluny Museum Bellows, Italian Benjamin, Mr., referred to Berain, Charles, French artist Bethnal Green Museum Biblical references Birch, Dr., reference to Birdwood, Sir George, referred to Black, Mr. Adam, reference to

Blomfield, Mr. Reginald T. Boards and Trestles Boleyn, Anna, chair of Bombay Furniture Bonnaffé, referred to Boucher, artist Boudoir

Boule, André Charles Brackets, Wall

British Museum, references to specimens in the

Brittany Furniture

Broadwood, Messrs

Bronze Mountings

Bruges, Chimney-piece at

Bryan, Michael, referred to

Buffet, The

Bureau du Roi

Burgess, Mr. W


Byzantine-Gothic, discarded Byzantine style

Caffieri, work of Cairo Woodwork Canopied Seats Canterbury Cathedral Carpenters' Company Cashmere Work Cauner, French carver Cellaret, The Cellini, B.

Chambers, Sir William, R.A. Chair of Dagobert Chairs of St. Peter Chardin, reference to Charlemagne, reference to Charles I.

reference to Charles II.

reference to Charlton, Little Charterhouse, The Chaucer quoted Chippendale's Work

Chippendale's "Gentleman and Cabinetmakers' Director" Christianity influence of Christie, Manson, & Wood, Messrs reference to old catalogues of Cicero's Tables Cipriani

Clapton, Dr. Edward, reference to Club Houses of London Cluny Museum, reference to Colbert, Finance Minister Coliards' predecessors Collinson & Lock Collman, L.W., work of Constantinople, capture of Coronation Chair, The Correggio Grace, work of Crane, Mr. Walter Cromwell referred to Crusades, influence of the Cutler, Mr. T

Cypselus of Corinth, Chest of

Dado, the, described Dagobert Chair Dalburgia or Blackwood Damascus, Room from a house in Davillier, Baron

"Dining Room," the, various definitions

Divan, derivation of

Dowbiggin (Gillow's apprentice)

Dryden quoted

D'Urbino Bramante

Du Sommerard referred to

Dutch Furniture

Eastlake, Mr. C., reference to

Edinburgh, H.R.H. the Duke of, Art Collection

Edis, Col. Robert, referred to,

Elgin and Kincardine, Earl of, Collection of

Elizabethan Work

Empire Furniture

English Work Evelyn's Diary Exhibiton, The Colonial The Great (1851) Inventions Exhibitions, Local

Falke, Dr., reference to Faydherbe, Lucas Fitzcook, H., designer Flaxman's Work Flemish Renaissance Flemish Work Florentine Mosaic Work Folding Stool

Fontainebleau, Chateau of Fourdinois, Work of Fragonard, French artist, reference to Frames for pictures and mirrors Franks, Mr. A.W. Fretwork Ornament

Gavard's, C., Work on Versailles German Work Gesso Work Ghiberti, L Gibbon, Dr., story of Gilding, methods of Gillow, Richard, extending table patented work of Gillow's Records Gillow's Work Glastonbury Chair Gobelins Tapestry Godwin, Mr. G., referred to Godwin, Mr. E.W. Goodrich Court Gore House, Exhibition at Gothic Architecture Gothic Work French German Chippendale's

Gough, Viscount, collection of Gouthière, Pierre Gray's Inn Hall Greek Furniture Greuze, reference to

Hamilton Palace Collection Hampton Court Palace Hardwick Hall Harpsichord, the Harrison quoted Hatfield House Hebrew Furniture Henri II.

time of Henri IV.

style of Art in France Henry VIII

Hepplewhite, work of Herculaneum and Pompeii discovery of Herbert's "Antiquities" Hertford House Collection Holbein Holland House Holland & Sons Holmes, W., designer Home Arts and Industries Association Hope, Thomas, design by Hopkinson's Pianos Hotel de Bohême Howard & Sons, firm of, founded

Ince W., contemporary of Chippendale Indian Furniture Indian Museum, The Indo-Portuguese Furniture Intarsia Work, or Tarsia Inventories, old Italian Carved Furniture Italian Renaissance

Jackson, Mr. T.G., A.R.A., referred to Jackson & Graham

Jacobean Furniture Jacquemart, M., reference to Japan, the Revolution in Japanese Joiner, the Japanned Furniture Jeanne d'Albret, Bedstead of Jones, Inigo Jones Collection, The

Kauffmann, Angelica

Kensington, South, Museum, foundation of

Kensington, South, Museum, reference to specimens in the

Khorsabad, reference to

Kirkman's exhibit

Knife cases


Lacquer Work, Chinese and Japanese Indian Persian Lacroix, Paul, reference to Lancret, artist

Layard, Sir Austen, reference to Lebrun, artist

Leighton, Sir F., referred to Leo X., Pope Letharby, Mr. W.R. Litchfield & Radclyffe Livery cupboards Longford Castle Collection Longman & Broderip Longleat

Louis XIII. Furniture Louis XIV death of Louis XV death of Louis XVI Louvre, The

Macaulay, Lord, quoted Machine-made Furniture Madrid, French Furniture in Mahogany, introduction of

Mansion House, Furniture of the Marie Antionette

Marie Louise, Cabinet designed for Marqueterie

Maskell, Mr., reference to

Mayhew, J., contemporary of Chippendale

Medicis Family, influence of the

Meyrick, S.

Middle Temple Hall

Miles and Edwards

Milton quoted

Mirror, Mosaic

Mirrors, introduction of

"Mobilier National," the collection of

Modern fashion of Furnishing

Mogul Empire, The


Morant's Furniture Mounting of Furniture Munich, Work and Exhibition of

Napoleon alluded to Nilson, French carver Norman civilization, influence of North Holland, Furniture of Notes and Queries Nineveh, Discoveries in

Oak Panelling Oriental Conservatism Ottoman, derivation of

Panelling (oak) Papier-mache Work Passe, C. de Paxton, Sir Joseph Penshurst Place Pergolesi

Perkins, Mr. C. translator of "Kunst im Hause"

Persian Designs

Pianoforte, the

Picau, French carver

Pietra-dura introduced

Pinder, Sir Paul, house of

Pollen, Mr. J. Hungerford, references to

Portuguese Work

Prie Dieu Chair, the

Prignot, Designs of

Prior, Mr. Edward, essay on Furniture

Queen Anne Furniture Queen's Collection, The

Racinet's Work, "Le Costume Historique" Radspieler of Munich (manufacturer) Raffaele, referred to Raleigh, Sir W.

Regency, Period of the, in France Renaissance Renaissance in England France Germany Italy

The Netherlands Spain

Revolution, The French Revival of Art in France Ricardo, Mr. Halsey Richardson's "Studies" Riesener, Court Ebeniste Robinson, Mr. G.T., quoted Rococo Style, the Rogers, Harry, work of Roman Furniture Ruskin, Mr., quoted Russian Woodwork

  1. Augustine's Chair
  2. Giles', Bloomsbury
  3. Peter's Chairs
  4. Peter's Church
  5. Saviour's Chapel

Sallust, House of

Salting, Mr., collection of

Salzburg, Bishop's Palace at

Sandringham House, referred to

Saracenic Art

Sarto, Andrea del Satinwood, introduction of Scandinavian Woodwork Science and Art Department, The Scott, Sir Walter, reference to Screens, Louis XV. period Secret Drawers, etc., in Furniture Sedan Chair, the

Seddon, Thomas, and his Sons, Work of

Serilly. Marquise de, Boudoir of

Sevres Porcelain, introduction of

Shakespeare's Chair

Shakespeare, quoted

Shaw's "Ancient Furniture"

Sheraton, Thomas, Work of

Shisham Wood

Sideboard, reference to the

Skinners' Company, The

Smith, Major General Murdoch, reference to

Smith, Mr. George, explorer, reference to

Smith, George, manufacturer

Snell, Work of

Soane Museum, The

Society of Arts, The

Society of Upholsterers and Cabinet Makers

Sofa, derivation of

South Kensington. See Kensington

Spanish Furniture

Speke Hall, Liverpool

Spoon Cases

Stationers' Hall

Steam power applied to manufactures

Stephens, Mr., referred to

Stockton House

Stone, Mr. Marcus

Strawberry Hill Sale

Strudwick, J., designer

Sydney, Sir Philip

Tabernacle, The Table, "Dormant" "Drawings"

Extending Folding Framed Kneehole Pier Side Joined Standing Wine Tables and Trestles Tadema, Mr. Alma, R.A., design by Tarsia Work, or Intarsia Tea Caddies Thackeray, quoted Theebaw, King, Bedstead of Thyine Wood

"Times" Newspaper, The, quoted Titian

Toms & Luscombe Town & Emanuel Trades Unionism Traditions, loss of old Transition period Trianon, The Trollopes founded

Ulm, Cathedral of Urn Stands, the


Venice, importance of Venice, referred to Verbruggens, the Vernis Martin Versailles, Palace of Victorian (early) Furniture Vinci, L. da Viollet-le-Duc Vriesse, V. de

Wales, H.R.H. Prince of, Art Collection of Wallace, Sir Richard, Collection of Walpole, Horace Ware, Great Bed of

Waterhouse, Mr., R.A. Watteau

Webb, Mr. Stephen Wedgwood, Josiah Wertheimer, S. Westminster Abbey Wilkinson, of Ludgate Hill Williamson (Mobilier National) Wine Tables

Woods used for Furniture Wootton, Sir Henry, quoted Wren, Sir Christopher, referred to Wright, Mr., F.S.A, referred to Wyatt, Sir Digby, paper read by

York House, described in the "Art Journal" York Minster, Chair in

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