An Early Example of Gothic Furniture 5

Folding Chair, Late Middle Ages 7

English Coronation Chair 11

Bedchamber, Castle Meran 17

French Chest, Late Fourteenth Century 18

German Chest, Late Fourteenth Century 19

Tyrolean Table, Late Fourteenth Century 20

Tyrolean Cupboard, Late Fourteenth Century 21

Monastery Chair 26

Hall, Late Middle Ages 27

French Gothic Panel 28

Flemish Cupboard 29

Anteroom, Castle Meran 31

Sixteenth-century Chest of Drawers, Lucca 36

Sixteenth-century Cabinet, Lucca 37

Anteroom Chair of Walnut 38

Gothic Chair, with Renaissance Details 39

Bedchamber in the Vincigliata, Fiesole 40

State Dining-room in the Vincigliata, Fiesole 41

Renaissance Beamed Ceiling, Residence of Frederic C. Bartlett, Chicago 43

Renaissance Coffered Ceiling, Residence of the late William C. Whitney, New York City 45

Renaissance Carving 46

Door of the Vatican, Designed by Raphael 46

Carved Chairs, Lucca Museum ; 47

Desk and Chair Used by Savonarola, Florence 49

Screen of Intarsia 50

Florentine Marriage Coffer 51

A Fine Example of Renaissance Carving 51

State Chair, Late Renaissance, Baroque Treatment 52

Louis XII Fireplace, Chateau of Blois 56

Renaissance Chair, Chateau of Blois 57

Fireplace Built for Claude, Wife of François I., Château of Blois 59

Fireplace, Gallery of Henri II, Fontainebleau 61

Bedstead Belonging to Anne of Austria, Fontainebleau 62

Renaissance Paneling, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 63

Louis XIII Room, Fontainebleau 65

Cabinet, Late Renaissance 67

Cabinet of Dutch Marquetry 72

Flemish Cupboard 73

Hall in the Gruuhuse, Sixteenth Century 75


Room in an Old Dutch Home, Edam 76

German Press, Typical Example of Renaissance Carving 77

Spanish Chair, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 82

Linen-fold Cupboard, Sixteenth Century 87

Presence Chamber, Hardwick Hall, Elizabethan Period 89

Dining-room, Jacobean Period 91

Seventeenth-century Cupboard 92

Chest of Drawers, Memorial Hall, Deerfield, Mass 93

Tapestry Woven by Mary Queen of Scots 94

Chair in Versailles, Regency of Anne of Austria 100

Boulle Console, Early Louis XIV 102

Bureau, Late Louis XIV 103

Example of Simple Louis XIV Furniture 105

Headboard, Louis XIV Bedstead 107

Gobelin Tapestry, Designed by Boucher and Tessier 112

Louis XV Sofa Petit Trianon 113

Louis XV Chair, Garde-Meuble 115

Louis XV Arm-chair, Garde-Meuble 117

Louis XV Clock 118

Louis XVI Bedstead, Fontainebleau 125

Louis XVI Cabinet, Fontainebleau 126

Louis XVI Clock 127

Writing-desk and Bureau-Toilette ... 128

Louis XVI Chair, Petit Trianon 129

Louis XVI Chair, Petit Trianon 130

Chippendale Mirror 134

Chippendale's Dutch Type, I 135

Chippendale Chair, II 135

Chippendale Arm-chair, III 136

Ladder-back Chair, IV 137

Chippendale Roundabout, V 138

Chippendale Chair, French Manner, VII 139

Shield-shaped Chair, Hepplewhite 140

Hepplewhite Table 141

Dining-room, Residence of Frederic C. Bartlett, Chicago 142

Hepplewhite Sideboard . 143

Prince of Wales Chair, Hepplewhite 144

Hepplewhite Table 145

Adam Commode, Painted by Pergolesi 146

Bracket and Vase for Candles. Adam Style 147

Lock for a Cabinet Door ^ 148

Adam Mantelpiece, Decorated by Angelica Kauffman 149

Sheraton Chairs 150

A Fine Example of Sheraton's Work 151


Sheraton Drop-leaf Table 152

Sheraton Chest of Drawers 152

Sheraton Sideboard and Chippendale Mirror 153

Roman Ceremonial Chair 158

Bedroom of Napoleon I, Fontainebleau 159

Empire Chairs and Divan, Compiègne 160

Old Cradle, Brought over in the Mayflower 166

Early New England Interior, Showing Pine Settle 167

Seventeenth-century Chairs 168

Wainscot Chair with Rush Seat 169

Furniture of the Early Eighteenth Century 170

Brass Clock, Seventeenth Century 171

Flemish Chair, Salem, Mass 172

Queen Anne Chair, Early Eighteenth Century 173

Mahogany Low-Boy with Cabriole Leg and Club Foot 174

Mahogany High-Boy with Scroll Top 175

Corner Cupboard with Scroll Top 176

Kitchen of the Whipple House, Ipswich, Mass 177

Chippendale Roundabout Chair 178

Washington's Bedchamber, Mount Vernon 179

Rare Chippendale Chair 180

Bedchamber, containing Four-poster and Wing Chair 181

Four-poster, Late Eighteenth Century 182

American Empire Table 183

American Empire Sofa 184

American Empire Sewing-Table 185

Colonial Parlor 187

Colonial Dining-room 189

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