Working With Hispanic Customers

If you are dealing with Spanish speaking people who don't speak any English, they will most likely be very timid at first, not wanting to make a mistake. And when they enter the store they'll feel a little shy.

What they really want, is to feel like they will be taken care of. To be welcomed and treated well. If your salespeople can simply "put their arm around them" and treat them well, they will be loyal customers for life.

If you plan to cater to this market, it is best to have someone on staff who is bi-lingual. Your bi-lingual salesperson doesn't need to be highly trained in sales techniques. Look for someone who has a warm personality, and can create relationships. That's where your money will be made in this market. For this reason, don't be surprised if the average sale takes longer to complete. Building trust can take some time.

Once you've established a bond of trust, your new relationship will be immensely profitable for years to come. So don't jump on your salespeople if they spend some extra time chatting with their Hispanic customers!

But that's not all. Latinos are more likely to refer friends and family than just about any other ethnic group. Plus, they love to shop together. So when planning to bring Hispanics into the store, count on 4 or 5, not just 1 or 2.

Shopping can be a fun event for them, a group activity. This is certainly a marketing plus because it becomes possible to get multiple returns from a single marketing piece!

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