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Morris Furniture will soon feature five exterior entrances that represent different departments, mirroring a shopping center construction style popular in suburbs across tomers, the country.

don't underestimate the power of a dramatic new facade for attracting new business. Plus, you can make the most of any remodel to generate buzz - aren't grand openings and grand re-openings two of the strongest retail events around?

An ideal time to consider exterior changes is when your lease is up for renewal and you are in a position to negotiate for upgrades. Remember, your storefront should effectively communicate your store's brand DNA to potential customers who drive by it.

Your store facade is your face to the public. Are you putting your best face forward?

Martin Roberts is an internationally acclaimed design industry veteran, with over 40 years of credits for retail and product design. His most respected work is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Throughout his career, Roberts' has placed special emphasis on the role of branding and marketing in his work. In 1991, Roberts' launched GR1D2 International, a specialized design firm that incorporates scientific methodology to inform the design process. Roberts' previous works included such nationally and internationally renowned corporations and brands as Bank of Boston, Barnes & Noble, Cartier, Chase Manhattan Bank, Coach, Duty-Free Shops, General Foods, Johnson & Johnson, K-Mart, Marriott International, Nestle, Perrier, Samsonite, Thomasville Furniture, Timberland, and Wal-Mart.

Before founding GR1D2, Roberts' professional affiliations included membership in The Royal Society of Arts (London), the Society of 1ndustrial Designers, and the 1nstitute of Store Planners. With a BA in Industrial Design Engineering and an MA in Design Systems, Roberts has also served as an adjunct professor of Design Management at Parsons School of Design.

Questions on any aspect of retail branding or store design may be directed to him at [email protected]. He can also be reached directly at 212-432-4834.

West Point

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They All laughed When I Sent Out A Five Page letter, But When I Had My Best Becember in 60 Years...

G iff Gales was suffering a decline in traffic and sales like many home furnishings stores.

Ciiff runs a [¡{¡hi ship. He was president of the Western Nome Furnishings Association, and Nalitimd Ketaitu gf the Yi.ii recently.

He's been doing sate advertising and works fund with his ad manager to brand his store's image. But nothing's been working. Is there anything you can do about it'.1

"You may wonder if there is anything imi can do to gel yuur traffic numbers tack to whore they belong..."

The "Secret"

"You Advertise To Get Sales. Period."

advertising1.' You advertise to get sales. Period,

In L9S7 NORDIC TRACK went from a 20 million dollars per year to a $250 Million by switching to Direct Response Marketing, _

Here are two quick elements of effective direct response marketing:

Nordic Track Quantum Leaped from 20 Million To $250 Million Using these Slrategfcs

Voli Bet There Is. That is jfjgnjrg wilting to accept a new; way of marketing.

Here's the deal: A store owner's most important responsibility is to attract customers and ke<ep I hem coming back. It's a tough responsibility isn't it?

"Do Your Ads Look Just Like Everyone Else's?"

Unfortunately bad advlcc about advertising abounds. That's one reason why we see the "same old. same old" home furnishings ads in newspapers, radio and TV. It is an example of I he "blind leading the blind."

You can solve almost all your traffic problems bj using the direct response marketing techniques presented in this article.

Many in the advertising world want you to believe that you have to build a "brand" to be successful. This is WRONG! This approach only works if you have a very large advertising budget. We're talking Nike, Coke. Ethan Allen, or La-Z-Boy big.

#1. Create a Unique Selling I'r»position:

"Why would your customer do business with you. above any and all other options, regardless of price?" You must answer this question in your advertising! This can be VERY difficult...but it's essential.

How To Make Your Customers Feel GUILTY For Ever Shopping Your Competitors

#2.Write effective, relationship building ad copy: Writing ad copy that captures your prospects interest and then builds a relationship is vital. Using the typical "Labor Day Weekend Sale" isn't creating a relationship with your customers. You must use "Why People Buy" techniques.

Here are a few pointers about Ad Copy. A. lleadl ines. The v in usl be com pell I ng, attention grabbing phrases typically 715 words long. Your company name is npt.a.headlnie. An example of a gixxl, strong headline is Secrets Everyone Must Know Before buying their next bedroom set!" If you were about lo buy a bedroom set. would that get your attention'? I think so.

Personality. "ITiis is the key to creating an emotional bund between you and your customers. They'll feel guilty just walking into your competitors store!

Direct response mnrheting is designed to gel sped lie, traceable result*. Its purpose is to inspire a prospect to get off the couch, come into your store and buy. Why else would you be


Speak as though you arc talking to a friend. What would you say about this piece if you were explaining il lo your best friend1? ft needs to be conversational, not institutional.

can be an exclusive consumer advisory, premiums, even i f they are totally unrelated to furniture.

The offer is the kev to direct marketing.

Find something that hits a hot button with your customers and give il to Ihem, Not "No, No, No!"

The 1 Million Dollar Strategy

Customers come into our stores daily who need our products. But some aren't ready to buy today. We ail know these as "Be Backs." Contrary to popular belief, this doesn't mean you've lost the sate.

Most stores lose hundreds of thousands per year because when "be backs" leave, they don't return. This is unforgivable! Once someone has taken the trouble to visit your store, they are much more likely to buy from votHhaji anv other prospect.

Once you plug this hole in the bottom of your boat you'll see huge results in a hurry.

We talked about OifT at the beginning of the article. After implementing several strategies G iff shared the following statistics with us:

Gift Had The Best December In The History Of His Company!

"After 10 down months in a row, I'm amazed at what tliis advertising lias done for our store. We stopped all other advertising in December. We sent 10,000 5 page letters and we were amazed! In 60 years, I'm happy to report we bad the best December in the HISTORY of our company!

Recently we started using the "Be Backs" strategy. Again we stopped all other advertising. (Usually costing us about S25.000-m0ftft per month). Using a FREE email message we did more sales I ha a Last February... without spending u dime on advertising. Your strategies continue to amaze us." GifT Gates

Oet Your FREE Rcfailcr Advisorv and Audio . Frogram designed to double traJTic and salcs, ' ww w.explodest oretrafll i'.rom/ f1w or call 800-393-2054.

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