No industry is better suited than ours to take advantage of sports marketing.

Furniture Trends by Janet Holt-Johnstone

Some spend winter months dreaming of the "boys of summer". Others long for football's drama, basketball's thrills, and all the blood, sweat and tears of professional and collegiate sports. Hockey, golf, gymnastics and NASCAR; each have their devotees, fans and the clinically obsessed.

How to translate the significant power of the bond that exists between your customers and their teams into solid business, vastly increased traffic and surging sales? The key is to create links between the loyalty home town fans have for their sports heroes and the reality of your store's brand. Sports celebrity endorsements, carefully crafted promotions and meet-and-greet events are some of the available tools.

No industry is better suited to take advantage of benefits of sports marketing than the furniture industry. There is just no reason why sports fans should watch their favorite pastimes seated on worn upholstery in shabby surroundings. A compelling pitch can be made that new furniture enhances the entire sports viewing experience. A little creative copyrighting can cosy up a furniture store brand with much better known sports franchises, creating instant and long-lasting associations. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of sports marketing is that a promotion can be crafted to attract men, women and families representing virtually any socio-economic demographic group.

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How To Become The Girl Men Adore

How To Become The Girl Men Adore

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