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Taking these steps to organize your business will increase the focus and accountability of your people.

Do you find yourself so busy trying to "do" business that you don't have time to manage your business? Do you find yourself simply "putting out fires" and not really making any progress during the day? Do you find that the systems and procedures you used yesterday no longer work and are ineffective because you've grown?

Have you found that important business functions do not get done correctly or are done differently by different people in your organization?

These are issues that a broad range of furniture storeowners and managers bring up time after time. As companies grow, things change. Small companies may not have many problems resulting from poor or confused communication and direction because there are fewer employees to deal with. Larger stores, and mid-sized chains

Organizational Excellence by Ron Wolinski have more people, more duties, more responsibilities, more sales and more deliveries. Without the proper direction and policies, they may also have more problems.

Once a retailer realizes that associates do not really understand what his or her company stands for, where it's going, how it's going to get there, and what role associates should play, it becomes necessary to look closely at the following 12 elements.


Mission Statement Statement of Values

Some owners believe that a mission statement is simply a series of words that doesn't accomplish anything. This is certainly the case if a mission statement is interpreted as a slogan or an advertising promotion. This tool only works if it is sin cere, truthful and really represents the culture of an organization. It must represent the core and foundation of any company and be the common thread that unifies every individual and every process within the organization. This vital tool enables every employee to move in the same direction for all the same reasons. A proper mission statement/statement of values allows the organization to grow and evolve to the next level.

Once element #1 is in place and all associates have been familiarized with the basic focus and values of the company, it is time to review how the company is structured, what roles each department, manager and employee plays, and who reports to who. The goal, of course, is to create accountability.

ELEMENT #2: Organizational Chart

Associates in many retail organizations across the country do not work in environments where clear lines of authority exist. They will, therefore, have the opportunity to ask different managers or owners the same question, in an attempt to get an answer that they want to hear. In addition, without a defined chain of command, managers and supervisors will provide employees with conflicting information regarding the same problem or issue. When this occurs, everyone loses. There is inconsistency in procedure and inconsistency with instruction. This, of course, leads to inconsistency in the minds of customers.



Our vision is to provide custom home furnishings that reflect the lifestyle of our clients through superior design, quality products, services, and unmatched value. We are committed to exceeding our clients' expectations through the hard work, honesty and integrity of our staff of trained professionals and family owners.


Our purpose is to provide our customers with unsurpassed service through honesty, integrity, and a long-term relationship To accomplish this, our selection of home furnishings must be both unique and of high quality. We must provide a genuine value that far exceeds the competition. Our staff, both sales and support, must provide the highest level of professionalism through intensive training and a sincere concern for the needs of our valued customers.

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