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FURNITURE WORLD MAGAZINE • BPA Association of Business Publishers

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Tel: 914-235-3095 • Fax: 914-235-3278 •

US POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Furniture World, PO Box 16044, St. Louis, MO 63105.

Publisher • Barton Bienenstock • [email protected]

Editor • Russell Bienenstock • [email protected]

Vice President Sales • Thelma Mason Davis • [email protected]

Associate Publisher • Larry Stein • [email protected]

Account Executive Eastern Region • Jon Siegel • [email protected]

Sales Director International Markets • Gary Siegel • [email protected]

Associate Editor • S.T. Bienenstock • [email protected]

Canadian & Feature Editor • Janet Holt-Johnstone • [email protected]

Art/ Design Editor • Barbara Bienenstock • [email protected]

Comptroller • Gifford Dorival • [email protected]

Design Feature Editor • Margarett DeGange • [email protected]

Sales Education Feature Editor • Cathy Finney • [email protected]

Operations Feature Editor • Dan Bolger • [email protected]

Marketing Feature Editor • Larry Mullins • [email protected]

Store Design/Branding Feature Editor • Martin Roberts • [email protected]

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Get What You Want -When You Need It! In Stock, Ready to Ship,

Styles that Sell!

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Get What You Want - When You Need It! In Style...In Stock...Ready To Ship!

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