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What Furniture Store Owners are Saying About Furniture Wizard w \'ow that we are on the system with Furniture Wizard, our bottom line has increased by i 7%. We hare cut our inventory by one third. We tot e their ordering system. The bar code system works great. Before it would take us days to inventory our floor, now we can do it in hours. We at Goree's furniture would tike to thank everyone at Furniture Wizard Software for a Job well done* You have a wonderful product.'"

Jimmy Cloree Preside01 & CEO . Gorcf's Furniture Express w 7 be reports and inform at ion thai we have been able to utilize from Furniture Wizard is incredible! Our staff has taken to this new program so easily, Kudos to the Furniture Wizard team for making a product thai gives a furniture retailer tike us all the tools and reports that we need to run our business smoothly f m

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Wireless Barcode Power!

Receive stock right off the truck, instantly Multiple Locations learn UPC codes, print warehouse labels and Special Orders price tags, and identify special orders all without ever touching the computer.

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absolutely turn key. The buyers are mostly investors from Hong Kong and Dubai and they are renting them out furnished. In the case of local purchasers, when someone buys a condo, they receive from the builder a Decorium discount card, excellent exposure for us, of course.

"Toronto's Princess Margaret Hospital runs a huge, fund-raising lottery every year, giving away large Tridel and Greenpark homes and condos. We furnish the model homes for them.

"Debbie Fernandez is the manager of the corporate division, and she devotes herself completely to this fascinating new challenge. She is a super talent."

And there are today's small space issues, down-sizers, first home couples, singles, and so to assist their visualization processes the perceptive Forbergs have devised a special model area within the store to show consumers graphically how they can get the most lifestyle elbow room from their available square footage. And with complementary instore designer advice. "Twenty-five per cent of our staffers are designers and they are in the upper one-third of performers. With good staff we have less turnover, and we develop our staff from within.

"We have our own design centre within Decorium and this helps to get the consumer engaged in colour coordinating. The Internet room planner is a great feature, too, both on the spot and on the web. Consumers can measure their spaces at home and spend time on their computers moving furniture about, then e-mail the result to our designers to pre-pick possible pieces, or bring the plans in with them when they visit.

"Decorium is a destination store; we don't have many browsers because of our location. People come to us because we give them what they really want. Today's consumer is different and we must all flex to change. They are a lot more educated and confident, and before they come to us they know (in many cases from the our website, from shelter magazines and television design programmes) what they are looking for, the style, the trends, where the product is made, the construction components of the pieces and they have a pretty good idea of pricing. They are much farther ahead in the buying process, stage four, not stage one. You have to adapt to each individual consumer. A degree in psychology would help!

"We collect information from the consumer both from our website and from a kiosk at the front door. They are asked to register with us, to provide their name, e-mail address, and so forth, thus helping us to build our database. Once they are registered with us we offer them a broad spectrum of opportunities, including our very popular $1,000 shopping spree." No purchase is necessary, consumers can enter in store or online.

"Every month I broadcast an e-mail newsletter which incorporates four-day promotional incentives, news about trends, what's happening in décor, an e-blast! The special incentives are not offered to the public at large." Decorium currently lists 10,000 on-line consumers. "We do a lot online with banner advertising and word scan, Google search words."

The Perceptive Forbergs Have Devised a special model area within the store to show consumers graphically how they can get the most lifestyle elbow room from their available square footage

"We bought Genesis in 2003 and absolutely love it Now our salespeople spend more time on the floor and less time doing paperwork. I couldn't be happier and would not hesitate to choose Genesis all over again." - John Dunn Dunn's Furniture ilfiiy is Genesis Software User John Dunn Looking So Relaxed?

Because Genesis...

  • is easy to use
  • has powerful inventory control
  • has intuitive POS entry
  • includes fast and efficient payroll
  • lets you email your customers with ease
  • has automatic Packup
  • puts you in control of your business

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Easy to Use Software For Furniture Retailers

See us in Las Vegas Building B * High Point M-12IHFC or at wwwJtovegenesis.com


Easy to Use Software For Furniture Retailers

Kidz Pad Youth Gallery

Kidz Pad Youth Gallery

"We've Created A Package with the Shane Baghai condo people, and recently furnished 200 units completely down to lamps and accessories, absolutely turn key."

Steve, with a degree in Business Administration and a huge imagination, "does all the buying, all the advertising and oversees the operations end of things. Howard is in charge of sales for Decorium.

"Dad comes into the store three or four days a week when he's at home and his input is invaluable. He spends winters now in Florida playing golf."

About nine months ago, the Forbergs developed a new section within Decorium called "Surroundings", an exciting 10,000 square foot gallery.

"Very functional furniture, completely contemporary." An outstanding, colourful insert was placed, in broad distribution, in Canada's national newspaper, "The Globe & Mail". The insert announced a four-day event, "Save up to 50% OFF storewide". A very successful promotion. And a point of interest for visiting consumers.

For additional exposure, he has used Condo Life Magazine and Toronto Life. "And the teachers' magazine. We run a special promotion for the teachers of Ontario to thank them for their efforts in shaping the minds of the future, giving back something to these special people."

Just recently, Decorium added Universal Furniture/Better Homes and Gardens furniture line, the newly unveiled fourth collection, "traditional styling with transitional flair", to their floor and their website's promotional incentives at 20% off. Steve is high on Better Homes and Gardens' huge readership of 40 million women, "the second best selling book in the world, second only to the Bible! The collections reflect

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