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Recruiting Retail Management Talent Exclusively For Furniture Retailers


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Discover the Difference.

Discover the business benefits of STORIS Management Systems, a leading Retail Solutions and Services Provider for retailers of all sizes. Over 350 retailers have installed and rely on our solutions to integrate operations, streamline processes and outperform the competition.

Point of Sale ♦ Inventory Control ♦ Business Intelligence InTouch CRM ♦ Customer Service ♦ Merchandising Supply Chain Management ♦ eCommerce

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stop paging catch-up and start getting ahead!


  • Reduce inventory •Make delivery a delight •Increase customer satisfaction __
  • Improve warehouse productivity •Warehouse design and management

DanielBolger, P.E. • Tel: 740-503-8875 • [email protected]

"The Cathy-Cam is amazing! After our first session, our showroom enjoyed a $27,000 weekend! Clients actually look forward to their design consultant's return... Thank you Cathy!" '

  • Ryan Rottum, Sales Manager, Norwalk the Furniture Idea, Lake Oswego OR
  • Personal Online Sales & Design Associate

Coaching: Easy, affordable one-on-one scheduled coaching sessions. All you need is a microphone •Web cam* High Speed Internet • 7.5 Messenger.

Cathy Cam

  • Pre-employment interviews: Use me to conduct interviews of your candidates. I'll interpret the "Intervieweze!" You will save time and money.
  • Delivery Staff Coaching:

Empower your Delivery Staff! coach them on WHAT to say - HOW to say it BEFORE they knock on "Ethel's" door. They'll make the LAST IMPRESSION that LASTS!

•The cost to you as low as $40.00! For More Information on this program, call Cathy Finney Toll Free at 877-FINNYFX (346-6939) or email [email protected] .net

House Calls by Cathy Finney

  • Audio Learning Course
  • 10 Lessons
  • 2 CD's or 10 file MP3 Downloads
  • Boost Average Sale & Closing %
  • Great For Weekly Sales Meetings
  • Listen between UPs
  • Learn while commuting_

Click on the red "FW Online Store" button on or call for more information. Audio Download or CD-ROM Set $200 for single store license. call 877-235-3095 or email [email protected]

l Jnc c prom ism ; [ntegrïty, t mileled Results.

Truth be known, when many of the nation's more prominent furniture dealers want to refresh their safes by re-merchandising their showrooms, they rely on the Lynch Sales Company. For while it's true that we're the industry leader when it comes to liquidation sales, Ihe majority of our Sale Events are conducted for tliose —, looking to increase their sales and profits by staying in business.

\_OiTipciny In fact, we originated the entire concept of promotional Sales to clear out

Re-Mercharidisinaolci'outc£ateci inMenEorV' p^^ng ^ ^ for ire^, new

_ - " looks that increase your sales per square foot.

3316* Doesn't your stone deserve a Lynch Company Sale?

Lynch Sales

Call today far an outline of our Copyrighted re-merchandising sate plan. Find out how a Lynch Sale can take your business wherever you want it to go.

ST Lynch

161 Ottawa Avknue N.\v.t Sum; iOO-F * Guam* Rai'ion Michigan 4950 J

TO RECEIVE OUR COMPLETE OUTLINE, CALL 800 824-2238 * UTVW.LyNCHSALEJi.COM Serving the United States, Canada, and Ihe United Kingdom

("□pyrlqhl jooa LyTvh bOUMt Ibtrnuinj Carpor.iLioii


Finding GREAT PEOPLE Is What We Do!

In our first nine years we've worked with more than 200 Home Furnishings Client Companies Nationwide - and with clients in the United Kingdom, Europe and China.

Furniture Team is Your Top Talent Recruiting Solution! Our range of expertise includes mid-level Managers to top Executives in Retail, Wholesale and Logistics/Distribution.

I put my name on the line with each placement! - Pete Tomeck, President

Furniture Team "teami

Management Recruiting, Inc.

Call Pete Tomeck today! 717-361-7858 •

Business Slow? Weather Bad? Randy Terrio Faced slow business plus a Minnesota Winter and Managed to Set Sales Records!

"To say that the furniture business is 'tough' right now would be a gross understatement. To say that the weather gave us any help would be a lie. But despite those two huge negatives staring us in the face, the Larry Mullins promotion that we recently completed was a huge success. Traditionally, February is our slowest month, and February of 2007 was off considerably from 2006, so we were very nervous as we anticipated February of 2008. Well, we doubled 2007 February sales and MORE than doubled last year's March sales—even though our 5 week promotion ended March 17th! Larry provided all of the advertising ammunition we needed in a timely fashion and we were able to maintain our margins. Meanwhile, the customers were thrilled, and we were also able to clear out a huge number of the 'white elephants' that always seem to accumulate. Thank You, Larry, for getting us through a very tough period! RANDY TERRIO, Owner and CEO of Furniture North, Nisswa, Minnesota

Why Use a Hired Gun and Pay Three or Four Times More? With a Larry Mullins Turn-Key Program (Customized to Your Store) YOU will be in Charge and You'll Net LOTS More Profit!

Call Larry Mullins Direct: 904 794-9212 or email: [email protected]

(Be sure to read Larry's timely article in this month's Furniture World! See more articles at

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