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If you are a smaller retailer for whom this capital expenditure on equipment doesn't make sense, there may be other options. Check to see if there are community-wide recycling solutions for smaller generators in your area.The City of Roseville CA, for example, has been operating a community wide program for EPS since fall 2007. Materials can be dropped off at several recycling centers. The city provides containers for pick up from local furniture retailers generating larger amounts of EPS. Arrangements have been made for businesses to drop

RT has designed an EPS densifying mechanism using high volume extruder technology: EPS scrap is densified into hard ingots going through crusher, heat bands, and extruder. The XT-200 is suitable for smaller to medium sized retailers. The XT-700 unit can process volumes for community recycling or large warehouse operations. The XT-500 is the most popular, used by City Furniture and Eldorado Furniture.

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