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If you are a smaller retailer for whom this capital expenditure on equipment doesn't make sense, there may be other

Recycling EPS Now Makes Sense For Furniture Retailers.

There are a number of processing alternatives that can change its disposal from a big expense to one that can actually generate a payback.

off EPS peanuts at package stores for reuse, and bubble wrap is recycled for use by local libraries to package inter library loans. Sam Bigley of the city's Environmental Utilities department says that the response has been very positive and they are looking to expand their capacity.

Another approach to EPS recycling is to shred and extrude the foam material. This process removes air and produces ingots that can be molded into lamp bases, baseboards and similar items anywhere in the world. The ingots are fork lift handled in either large bags or boxes. City Furniture, Eldorado Furniture and many others are using RecycleTech equipment that uses this technology.

There are also numerous companies that can use packing foam for alternative uses. For instance, Rastra Inc. reprocesses the foam for insulated concrete forms. This option may only be cost effective for you if you are within a rea-

After Reviewing

The Cost Of Disposal Versus Transporting to a New Jersey foam recycler, Suburban Furniture's Mark Friedman chose hauling to the recycling facility.

sonable distance from the secondary user of the material. After reviewing the cost of disposal versus transporting to a New Jersey foam recycler, Suburban Furniture's Mark Friedman chose hauling to the recycling facility. They accumulate the foam in large plastic bags or mattress bags and deliver them in their own truck.

In conversations with retailers and delivery companies at the 2008 International Furniture Transportation &

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