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I regret that there is no more space to spend with you this month. But I have one more thing to tell you. Someone

Best Profit Per Square Foot In My Entire Lineup!"

-Don Olsen, Owner

It's Another Amazing Wallbeds! Success Story

Don's store has sold an average of 1.5 Wallbeds per month for the past 14 years. The 247th Wallbed is on the way.

That's pretty remarkable! Particularly when you consider that his store is in a town of 7,500,100 miles north of Seattle.

You don't have to be a big guy in a big town to win with Wallbeds, as Don can tell you.

Wallbeds has slowly and carefully developed a network of retail partners. There are still markets open, so, if you are interested in looking at this high performing category, please give us a call. We would like to share a few more success stories with you, and explore the possibility of your company becoming another one!

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Wallbeds! in many styles and finishes

WMg&X! Hiddenbed "

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Wallbeds! in many styles and finishes

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Home office to bed in 2 seconds!

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