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Part 1: Customers need more than just a mattress. They are really looking for a good night's sleep!

In the past decade, awareness about the importance of a good night's sleep has increased dramatically. The bedding industry and consumers alike have reaped the benefits of new medical knowledge about sleep and the body's sleep physiology.

Dr. James Maas, pioneer in the field of sleep research, helped bring this knowledge to the masses with his 1 998 Best Seller, "Power Sleep". In his book, the Cornell University professor tackles such topics as sleep physiology and ways to help improve the quality of sleep. Getting regular exercise, for example, is just one of the factors in helping one drift into unconsciousness at bedtime. Bedroom â– environment and diet also matter.

William C. Dement, MD, PhD and founder of the world's first sleep disorders

Sleep Physiology & Technology by Guys Eckert center at Stanford University also explored the physiology of sleep. Dr. Dement was the first to intensively study the connection between rapid eye movement (REM sleep) and dreaming. In his book, "The Promise of Sleep," Dr. Dement teaches how to "reclaim healthy sleep" in one's own life by adopting a "sleep-smart lifestyle."

Harvard professor and founder of the Behavioral Medicine Insomnia Program, Gregg Jacobs, not only explored how to achieve healthy sleep, but actually overcome insomnia. One of the most important factors he stresses: developing a sleep-enhancing lifestyle including diet, exercise, and an understanding of the importance of body temperature.

An informed consumer now looks for much more than initial comfort in their

bedding - and it's our responsibility to be a knowledgeable resource on the particulars of sleep physiology.

Historically, the bedding industry has struggled to rid itself of the commodity label and longed for the day when a new mattress was mentioned in the same breath as a vacation or health club membership. Now that medical science has confirmed and stressed the importance of healthy sleep, that day has finally arrived at retail. The bedding industry has matured before our very eyes. Bedding technologies now encompass everything from memory foam and performance fabrics to synthetic and natural fill pillow tops.

This article is the first in a two-part series exploring the physiology of sleep, the evolution of bedding products, value

How Direct Response Marketing Can Increase Your Sales And Profits

It's no secret that times have been difficult for retailers over the past several months in the home furnishings industry.

Getting Customers In The Door Is EVERYTHING.

There's nothing more frustrating than spending thousands of dollars on advertising and getting poor results. It's enough to drive you crazy!

Talk of recession abounds. GOB sales all around you... customers holding back the purse strings because of economic uncertainty, and gloom and doom all over the news make for a difficult retail cycle now and into 2008.

However there is good news.


Even during tough times many retailers thrive, gain market share, and make more money than ever before. They do it by mar keting effectively to get new member s.

If you think people aren't buying furniture or bedding, just look at the IKEA parking lot. It's full from morning till night!

The problem isn't that people arm' t spending money .

The problem isn't that people aren't spending money. It's that retailers aren't advertising effectively to get customers to come see them.

It's that retailers aren't advertising effectively to get customers to come see them, instead of IKEA, Costco, Sam's Club, or any number of other big box competitors.

It's really quite simple. No customers mean no sales. The number one priority of ever y store owner in the world should be M ARKETING to get new and past customers into the store.

The problem is marketing can be a fickle, difficult and unpredictable thing. What worked in the past isn't working any more...there's nothing more frustrating than spending thousands of dollars on advertising and getting poor results. It's enough to drive you crazy! (Believe me, I've been there too!)

The Solution Is A New Kind Of Marketing

Well, not new really. But very new to most home furnishings retailers. It's called Direct Response Marketing. You've probably read several of my articles in this magazine, even received information from us in the mail.

But Things Have Changed, And We've Changed Too!

Over the past year Ethan and I have been teaching our 200+ retailer members how to use this new kind of marketing to increase sales with great results. The problem is learning and creating this type of marketing is difficult, time consuming, and expensive to learn.

It's Like A Direct Response Ad Agency...With Paying All The Commissions!

Get Ads, flyers, mailers and more already done for you!

These professionally written ads have been tested in the real world to generate powerful results, FAST. They all have the 11 essential elements that are needed to make an ad perform incredibly well. This includes engaging copy, great offers, compelling headlines, testimonials, guarantees and more.

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