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Daniel Bolger P.E. provides operations consulting services to clients throughout North America .You can contact Dan at bol-[email protected] or call 740-503-8875. For more information on this or other transportation, logistics and furniture warehousing topics, go to to read all of Dan's articles.

Turn your Foam Waste) j into a Valuable Resource.

Find out why the leaders of furniture industry are using our system.

RecycleTech Corp. is the largest polystyrene recycling equipment company in the U.S., offering a complete solution for your EPS - Styrofoam™- waste problem.

RecycleTech will buy back 100% of your densified EPS.

Volume Reduction Ratio : up to 90 to 1

Volume Reduction Ratio : up to 90 to 1


EPS Recycling Solutions [email protected]

1010 Hoyt Ave. Ridgefield, New Jersey 07657 Phone 201 -943-7142 / Fax 201 -943-6928

Discover the Difference.

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"With Vision R8 we have experienced increased efficiency and productivity in virtually every area of our operations. STOHIS has been terrific for our business."

Jay Howard President, t.O. Metro

STORIS (S different and it shows through the tong-term client relationships we have built. By partnering with the leading expert in Retail Solutions, progressive companies like I O Metro, gain the ability to maximize efficiency, the foresight to identify new opportunities, and the information necessary to optimize operations. We focus on buiiding strong partnerships that help retailers accelerate productivity as their enterprise grows. Let's build a connection that lasts.

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Call: 1-898-4-STORIS Visit:


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Going Green For More Cash

Going Green For More Cash

Stop Wasting Resources And Money And Finnally Learn Easy Ideas For Recycling Even If You’ve Tried Everything Before! I Easily Found Easy Solutions For  Recycling Instead Of Buying New And Started Enjoying Savings As Well As Helping The Earth And I'll Show You How YOU Can, Too! Are you sick to death of living with the fact that you feel like you are wasting resources and money?

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