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Building Personal Clientele (2006 - by Joe Capillo) Developing a client base, and keeping it active and up-to-date is the one, key activity that can help our salespeople to earn higher incomes. That's why it is imperative for retail managers and salespeople to take responsibility for pursuing a one-to-one marketing strategy.

Follow-up Or Fall Down - Parts 1 &2 (1997 - Cathy Finney) Shy or uneasy about making follow-up calls? Don't like rejection? Here are sure-fire ways to follow-up successfully and consistently.

Double Your Store Traffic - Part 3 (2007 - Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap)How many people call your store? How many come in the store but don't buy. How many visitors do you get on your website? Here are surefire ways to collect information


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"It was a pleasure doing business with I especially liked the fact that they make sure you are happy with the price, including shipping charges, before any money is exchanged."


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on every potential customer that calls, visits your website or walks into your store.

Understanding Sales Performance Metrics - Parts 1 -4 (2004 - Joe Capillo) Sales metrics, those calculations we use to measure our effectiveness in dealing with customers, are the most misunderstood and underused measurements in retail furniture stores.

I'm Here, Your "Sketchee!" (2007 - Cathy Finney) Making and actually using rough sketches of your customer's rooms can improve the quality of the information you collect, as well as the effectiveness of your follow-up.

Staying Alive During Tough Times -Part 1 (2007 - Joe Capillo) Great salespeople have a plan for the bad times. It's the same plan they have for the good times, and it revolves around developing and maintaining relationships with all of the customers they get to engage.

Staying Alive During Slow Times - Part 2 (2007 -Joe Capillo) Consumer research suggests that furniture retailers need to have a strategy to stay connected to customers throughout each of the five stages of the home furnishings purchasing process. Most stores fall down right at the beginning "planning" stage because that's where consumers need more help than most furniture stores are set up to provide.

Staying Alive During Tough Times - Part 3 (2007) Joe Capillo explains how the most effective and productive salespeople can return 30% or more of monthly Ups as be-backs. Why is it important to have a system to encourage this? Because these customers are 40% more likely to buy.

Staying Alive During Slow Times- Part 4 (2007 - Joe Capillo) A formal customer engagement strategy helps salespeople produce sales from those customers who should buy from you, but don't.

Joe Capillo is a furniture industry veteran with 35 years combined experience as a retail consultant and retail industry executive.

He is a contributing editor to FURNITURE WORLD and a frequent speaker at industry functions. Joe makes himself available for private consultations on any aspect of retail sales management and sales education. He can be reached at [email protected]. See many more articles by Joe Capillo on the FURNITURE WORLD website

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