Power Players

Sales tips and training tools from successful sales associates.

Customers Into Clients By Cathy Finney.

The quarterback doesn't stay in the locker room trying to score the much needed touchdown. Baseball players don't stay "dug out" in the dugout trying to figure out when it's their turn at bat. They know when it is their time to make that wood connect with the ball and hit it out of the park, and they're ready.

Likewise, professional sales and design associates need to know when it is their turn to be "UP" and be ready to perform.

All of the sales associates (power players) interviewed for this article were asked to speak about their sales success strategies.

One underlying aspect of selling they all spoke of is the importance of connecting quickly with customers. In every aspect of life, perception is reality. Salespeople only get one shot at connecting with "Ethel" by making the best possible first impression.


Renee Elzea from Norwalk in Tulsa, Oklahoma told us, "It's all in the greeting. It's meeting them and connecting intellect to intellect." Rhonda Benzig, her sales manager and

coach said that Renee and her "entire team are driven to succeed. They have a passion for helping the client."

Karen Currier, one of the top "players" at Jonn's Contemporary Interiors in Phila., PA. is in total agreement, "Connecting with the client as their advisor and their professional friend" is just one of the keys to her success.

But to connect, salespeople first have to - GET OUT OF THE FORT! They can't play the game while sitting on the bench! To quote Goethe, "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."


"Power Players" must be on a mission. They must be ready to play and act boldly. The best ones are the acting CMO's (Chief Motivational Officers) of their companies. Before they take to the field, they already know what they want to accomplish. According to Charles Garfield author of "Peak Performers," "Mission is the source of peak performance... It determines behavior and fuels motivation A peak performer sorts things out and takes not just action, but purposeful action, in the service of results." It helps people, "To stand out, to excel at achieving something uniquely one's own that one cares deeply about."

In "The Art of Power," Thich Nhat Hanh, says that, "when we are clear about our motivations, our actions are much more powerful because we can do them with one hundred percent intention... Everyone of us has a strong goal for our life. We want to achieve something." All of the "Power

"It's All In The Greeting.

It's meeting them and connecting intellect to intellect."

-Renee Elzea, Norwalk in Tulsa

Norwalk Tulsa "Power Players" Clockwise from top left: Jeanne Meek: Sales, Rhonda Benzing: Manager, Sonni Sears: Sales, Kristin Yannacombe: Sales, Debbie Sumrall: Sales, Renee Elzea: Sales

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The Act Of Listening...

is Michael Shank's secret for success. He asks his customers, "What goals may I help you accomplish here today?" Then he listens.

Players" we spoke with set goals, and once they hit a goal, they raise the bar again. Half way through one month, a consultant interviewed for this article who was at $8,000 told me, "Cathy, it's okay. I'll make my goal." Her goal was $80,000. She hit $91,000. She was on a mission. There was never any doubt! Purposeful action was the key.

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