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It's once again time to take action to beautify your home! Last time, your "homework" was to pick one room and establish its focal point. Your new assignment is to continue in that same area, and rearrange the furniture so that it relates well to the focal point. If you are working in a living or family room, use the U-shape as a starting point, then angle individual pieces within the "U" to add interest. Or, try the "V". You may want to define your new conversation grouping with an area rug. If you are dealing with a bedroom, remember that the bed IS the focal point, so place the other furnishings to relate to the bed as we discussed in this article.


As you step forth to conquer new arrangements, always approach your projects with a mindset of fun, and ditch the fear. No matter what the outcome, you can always move the furniture back to its original placement, so there is really no risk. Get started right away, and keep going if you are so inclined! The payoff is a home that will make you feel really good. What more could you ask for in home design?

As always, if you need some expert advice, feel free to visit the design area at "XYZ Furniture" or speak with me or one of our other friendly design consultants.


Lesson #6 - Successful Accessorizing: Winning Strategies to Show-Off Furnishings and "Wow" Your Friends.

Margarett DeGange, M.Ed. is a Home Fashions designer, Writer, and Professional Speaker. She is the creator of Communicate 2 Connect Seminars for business and personal development, and she is the Founder and Director of The DeGangi School of Interior Decoration, with both on sight and on-line courses in Interior Decorating and Redesign. For the past 20 years she has helped business owners in the interior fashions and decorating industries to communicate better with customers, run their businesses more effectively, and increase sales and profits.

Margarett's new product, Let's Talk About... Decorating (, features pre-packaged seminars for those who want to put on the customer presentations featured in this series of FURNITURE WORLD articles without going through the bother of additional preparation. Questions can be directed to Margarett DeGange at [email protected] or Visit

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