American Hepplewhite Settee

,S/iiV/; House, Richmond: Door in the Style of Robert Adam, 1785

Adam Mantelpiece, Adelphi. By permission of Mr. A. B. Hayward to Oi

Hanover Square London Painting

Portion of Ceiling, paintPd panels and moulded plaster, late 18 th Century From No. 15 Hanover Square, London

Portion of a Ceiling, consisting of painted panels and moulded plaster. From Nr. 15 Hanover Square, London. Late ISCentury The original paintings with reproductions of the plaster work are now in the Victoria and Albert Museum to

Adam Bookcase Lent by Colling & Young. Bird Str., London

Adam Chaires
Adam Sideboard. Property of \V. 0. Raphael pjSq_

Mahogany Secretaire Bookcase, about 1770 Lent by F. W. Phillips F.sq.-1 htihm

Adam Stitinwood Cabinet Lent by Messrs Mallelt & Son-Bath


1 Hath : Adam Ceiling. 2. Adam Side Table. In possession of Warmgs-London

Adam Side Tables. 1. Property of W. G. Raphael Esq. 2. Property of W. H. I,ever Esq. Hi. P.

1. Adam Commode. Property of Messrs Gill & Reigate-London 2. Adam Commode. Properly ofW. H. Lever Esq. M.P.

/ Adam Side Table. 2. Adam Commode. Property of IT. 11 Lever Esq. M.P.

1. Adam Side Table. Lent by Messrs Mallett & Son-Bath 2. Adam Gilt Settee. Lent by Messrs Colling & Young, Bird Str., London W.

1. Adam Mahogany Settee. Seat embroidered on Satin by the Countess of Coventry. Property of the Earl of Coventry P. 1> 2. Adam Chair, about 1790. Belonging to W. H. Evans Esq., Eorde Abbey. 3. Adam Chair in Rosewood, about 1800. Property of the Rev. H. V. Le Bas M. A.


1 Adam Mantelpiece at the New Reform Club, Adelphl By kind permission of A. B ^aywdM hsq. 2. Adam Mantelpiece, Grate, Chair and Table. In possession of V, 11. Lever tsq. U.V.

Painted Hepplewhite Group. Property of Warings, London

Painted Hepplewhite Group. Property of Warings, London

Hepplewhite Chair Museum of Science and Art, Dublin

Hepplewhite Arm Chair Lent by Messrs Mallett & Son, Bath

Hepplewhite Wheel-back Chair Lent by C. H. F. Kindermann Esq., i.ondon

Hepplewhite Mahogany Arm Chair [.at« 18th Century. Property of Henry Wittett Esq.-Brizhton

Hepplewhite Chair Property of Mrs 0. I'vans

Hepplewhite Cha'u, about 1780 Property o f \\ . H. Spottiswoode Esq.

Hepplewliite Chairs. From the Kunstgewerbe-Museum-Berlin

1. Mahogany semi wheel batk Hepplewhite Chair. 2. Satinwood carved Feather Bad? Chair Hepplewhite 3. Carved Hepplewhite Commode. Property of Messrs Isaacs, New Oxford Str., London

Sheraton Style Side Table

1. Hepplewhite Dressing Table with Secretaire. Property of Messrs Isaacs, New Oxford Str., London 2. Hepplewhite Side Table. Lent by Messrs Thornton-Smith, London

Hepplewhite Chair. Second half of 18

Century. Property of the Worshipful Company of Ironmongers. 2. Hepplewhite Chairs in Mahogany. Property of the Hon. W. F. B. Massey-Mainwaring

Hepplewhite or Shearer Sideboard, Mahogany inlaid. Sheraton Tambour Table in Amboyna Wood hi ¡>ossession of\V. H. Lever Esq. M.P.

Cji Ol

Sir John Scaup's Morning Room, untouched since he died in 1812. Room designed by Sir John Soane, Ardiitect; Sheraton Chairs

Adam Room with Sheraton Furniture at the 'East Anglian Gattery, Ordiard Str., London

1. Adam Bedroom. 2. Adam doorplaie. 3. Adam Wall decoration (Portland Place, London)

Charles HorsfallCharles Horsfall
Sheraton Cabinet and tortoiseshell Table. In possession of W. H. Lever Esq. M. P.
Charles Horsfall
Sheraton Bookcase and side table. Property of A. E. Warner Fsq.

Mahogany Bookcase with carved decoration in satinwood designed by Sheraton for the offices of "The Times", Now in the possession of "The Times Book Club"

Sheraton Cabinet. In possession of Warings, London
Charles HorsfallCharles HorsfallCharles Horsfall

Painted Sheraton Choirs and Settee, In possession of Warmes, London

1. Adam Chair. 2. Dutch Copy of Sheratun 3. 4. Late Sheraton Chairs {1 & 2 Kunsf.gewcrbe-Museum, Berlin 3, 4 In possession of Charles M. Horsfall Esq. Berlin)

Mahogany Chairs, late 18th Century. Property of the Under Secretary of State for India

Sheraton Chair Painted Sheraton Chair, about 1780 Late 18th Cent. Mahogany Chair

Property of Henry Willett Esq. Property of the Earl of Coventry P. C. Property of the Under Seer, of State for India

I. Sculptured Mantelpiece of Adam Period; with Grate designed by Adam 2. Finely inlaid Sannwood Chest by Sheraton. By permission of William James Fsq.

Sheraton Painted Satinwood Cabinet with Top In the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

1. Typical Sheraton Satinwood Dressing Table. 2. Sheraton Table Property of Messrs. Gill & Reigate, London

Sheraton Dressing table, Satinwood. about 1800 Painted by Angelica Kauffmann

Sheraton Row Fronted Gentleman's Wardrobe In possession of Warings, London

Painted Satin Wood Bureau, Sheraton Lent by Messrs. Colling & Young, Bird Str., London

Sheraton Cabinet Property of Messrs. dill & Reigate, London

Sheraton Clock. .Mahogany Inlaid, Satinwood, Brass face, Caps and ornaments. Property of Meyer A. Spieltnann Esq.

I.Sheraton Sideboard with Hepplewhite Urn Knife Boxes. By kind permission ofWiltiam James Esq. 2. Sheraton Sideboard. In possession of Warings, London

/. Small Sheraton Sideboard and Chairs; characteristic shell inlay in centre drawer. Property of Meyer A. Spielrr.ann Esq. 2. Sheraton Sideboard and Knife Boxes. By permission of Charles Horsfall Esq., Bertir,

William And Mary Furniture History

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