O Mahogany Arm Ciiair Iiippendiee Stle

Still another variBion of the .splat is here shown, and it is very interesting to note how many different designs can be made from the same theme. The splat, instead of joining the seat rail, is set into a rail slightly above, leaving an open space above the seat rail. At the center of the splat is a bishop's mitre, which would indicate that this chair had either been used in a church or had belonged to a bishop. At the center of the top rail is carved a scroll design. The supports for the arm are fluted. The legs are cabriole, terminating in bird's claw and ball feet, and the knees are carved with conventionalized cartouches. The center stretcher is slightly carved 011 the edge, from its appearance and general character if would seem that this was a Spanish chair, in which country the Chippendale designs were very popular and much copied.

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