I would like to thank Barbara Adams, Editor of the Shire Egyptology series, and Jacqueline Fearn and John Rotheroe of Shire Publications for the help and guidance they have given me. I am very grateful to John Ruffle, Keeper of the Oriental Museum, University of Durham, for allowing me to examine both the Perpaut boxes preserved in that collection. I thank also Mr W. V. Davies, Keeper of Egyptian Antiquities at the British Museum, and his staff for their continued support and assistance. Most of this work was written in Cambridge and I would like to acknowledge the help given me by Barry Kemp, John Ray and the Librarian and staff of the Faculty of Oriental Studies. I am also indebted to Helen Whitehouse, Department of Antiquities, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, for providing detailed information regarding fragments of furniture preserved in that collection. I am grateful, too, to the Director of the Egyptian Antiquities Museum, Cairo, Dr Ahmed Mohsen, for allowing me to research and study the wonderful collection of furniture preserved there. I would also like to thank my friends Robert Davies and Salima Ikram for suggesting a number of changes to the typescript. Finally I express sincere thanks to Lorraine March-Killen, my wife, for her continued support and in providing many of the splendid photographs which illustrate this book.

The outline dynastic chronology is based on that of Dr William J. Murnane and acknowledgement is made to him and Penguin Books for its use here.

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