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Mr. Fredk. Sumner, Photos.

this date, and must have had a long painting career behind him, but it is more probable that he was influenced by this Norwich school of religious painters than that the reverse was the case. We know that there was considerable intercourse between Burgundy and Kngland in the last years of the reign of Richard II. This Norwich retable is contemporary v ith the wonderful roof of Westminster Hall already referred to and described.

A considered judgment must conclude that this retable is of English workmanship and painting, one of the few, if not the only remaining example of a school of religious painters of the late fourteenth century. It is as remarkable for its technique as for its inspiration, considering that it is within half a century of Cimabue and Giotto. It must have inspired much of the fifteenth-century work in the panels of chancel screens, which have now to be considered and illustrated.

In the Church of St. Michael-at-Plea, Norwich, is a reredos formed of several painted panels which, although upwards of a century later than the Norwich example, still

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