Of Gothic Architecture And Woodwork


(The dates given are not those of the accession of Kings)

William I, 1066, to Stephen, 1154. Norman or Romanesque. The circular-headed arch.

Henry II, 1154 to 11S9. Transitional, Norman to Pointed or Lancet.

Richard I, 1189, to Henry III, 1272. Early English, Lanceolated. Geometrical tracery begins to appear.

Edward i, 1272 to 1307. Transition from early pointed to geometrical pointed. Tracery entirely geometrical. No free forms in decoration of windows.

Edward II, 1307 to 1327. Geometrical pointed. (Early English.)

Free forms appear in tracer}7 and especially in decoration of mouldings.

Edward III, 1327 to 1377. Flowing or Curvilinear. (Decorated.) Culminating in the Flamboyant.

Richard II, 1377 to 1399. Transition from Free Decorated to Rectilinear or Perpendicular.

Henry IV, 1399, to Henry VIII, 1546. Perpendicular or Rectilinear. Introduction of the Linen-fold panel.

1546 onwards. Introduction of the Italian Classical, superimposed on the Gothic, afterwards developing into the Tudor styles.

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