1503 Pius III

)use of

1504 Ferdinand,

House ol

1503 Julius 11


King of Arra-


1505 Vasily or Basil IV

(Maximilian grants him title of Emperor)

1513 Leo X

31 Alexander reated Duke |y the Emperor Charles V

rand Dukes 09 Cosmo I

74 Francis

87 Ferdinand 1

gon and Sicily, seized the crown of Naples, and Sicily and Naples remained subject to the Kingdom of Spain till 1707

1521 John III

1557 Sebastian

157S Henry the Cardinal

1504 Jane and Philip ol Austria succeed Isabella in Castille Ferdinand reigns in Arragon until his death in 1510

1510 Charles V Emperor of Germany in 1519

C o r t e z i r MfliicoPizairo in Peru

1550 Philip II conquered Portugal but lost HOLLAND

15S0 Philip II of Spain took possession of Portugal and it remained subject to the Spanish Crown until 1040

1598 Philip III

1510 Henry II oí Albret


1555 Joan ol Albret and Anthony of Bourbon

1572 Henry III In 1589 he sue-^Seeded to the throneofFrance* under the title of Henry IV (a f t e r w a r d si called " the Great ") and from thence Lower Navarre joins theFrench Monarchv

1581 William ol Orange

1584 Maurice B.

1512 Selim I

1520 Solyman I The Magnificent

1500 Selim II defeated at Le-panto

1574 Amurath III

1595 Mahomet III

1505 Vasily or Basil IV

(Maximilian grants him title of Emperor)

1513 Leo X

1522 Adrian VI

1523 Clement

1534 Paul III

Czars ol

Muscovy 1500 Julius III

1533 Ivan Basil- 1555 Marcellus owitz or John II

(Conquered 1555 Paul IV Kazan and as sumed title of Czar in 1545)

1584 Fedor I

1559 Pius IV 1500 Pius V

1572 Gregory


1585 Sixtus V 1590 Urban VII

1590 Gregory

1591 Innocent

1592 Clement


1598 Basil Godu-now

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