And Ixworth Thorpe

Radulph Penteney al' Sporyer de Ixworth 1462 Lego ad vsum gilde S'c'i John i's Bapt'e in Ixworth. iijs iiijd.

Thomas \ yell 1472.

In die no'i'e. Amen. I Thomas Vyell of Ixworth the yeld', the xj day of the moneth of October, ye veer of oure lord m'cccclxxij of very sad and hoole mynd and good avysemente, make myn testament in this wyse. Fyrst I beqweth and bytake myn sowle to almyghty god, to yet blessed lady and to all the Seyntes of heven, and myn body to be beryd in the parysh cherche of Ixworth be for sayd befor the auter of Seynt James. Also I beqweth to the heych awter there ijs. Also I beqweth to ye

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