White Painted And Gilt Chaik

3 ft. O ins. nom floor to top of back. 2 ft. o ins. across front ot seat. I ft. bi ins. depth of seat. I ft. 4 ins. trom floor to top ot seat.

Date about 1790-5.

Mi begun to rule the destinies of the greater part of Europe. It is strange how the French Empire style, a vogue apparently temporary in character and one witn little or no artistic recommendation, should have affected the furniture fashions of some five or six countries, and in the case of Germany in such a lasting way that its influence persisted for the greater part of a century.

Fig. 341 is a typical chair of the early Sheraton period. The frame is of beech, painted white and parcel gilt. The back is nearly filled with a Roman diagonal lattice, with carved paterae on the intersections. The top rail is straight, rounded on the corners, with a "scratched" double reed on the face. The outer uprights are turned and fluted, dowelled into the top rail, and crested with small carved patera; above. The entire character of this chair is purely French, and it would be possible

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