White And Gold Pier Table And Glass

Table 4 ft. 7 ins. wide ■ 3 fi. 2 ins. high. I'ierglass 4 ft. 5 ins. «ide ■ 7 ft. 9 ins. high.

In the table, two views of which are shown in Figs. 22 and 23, the influence of Michael Angelo Pergolesi can be noticed in a very marked degree. Pergolesi was one of many of the foreign artists—or decorators would perhaps be the better name —who were either introduced into England by Robert Adam, or were content to seek his patronage. Pergolesi differs from others, such as Antonio Zucchi and Giovanni Battista Cipriani, in publishing a book of his designs, where what is due to Pergolesi himself is very mediocre, and what is really good must be credited to others. Cipriani was an artist of 110 mean ability. Born in 1727, at Florence, he executed two altar - pieces for the abbey of St. Michael at Pelago at a comparatively early age. In 1750 he was at Rome, where he studied for three years, coming to England shortly afterwards in company with Sir William Chambers. He was one of twenty-two artists who signed the petition to George III. for the institution of the Royal Academy, and he contributed four of the panels to the ceiling of the Academy library at Somerset House. Apart from his decorative work at Whitehall, Windsor, Buckingham House, and elsewhere, Cipriani painted a considerable number of the medallions on the ceilings and furniture designed

Fig. 17.


3 ft. 5 ins. Ion<i ■ i ft. 7 ins. deep x 2 ft. 11 ins. high.

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