Stained Sycamore Table With Marqueterie

5 ft. O ins. wide X 2 ft. 3 ins. deep x 2 ft. 9 ins. high.

e by Adam, and lie also assisted Pergolesi in the preparation of the designs for his book. Both were equally indebted to Bartolozzi foi the fidelity and spirit of his engravings.

Pergolesi must have been invaluable to Robert Adam ; indeed, it is doubtful whether the really chaiacteristic Adam detail in the original drawings in the Soane Museum be not the work of the former ; it is certain that the degree of skill displayed varies considerably in different sketches. In the table illustrated here, Fig. 22, the ornament is typical Pergolesi, the medallions equally as characteristic Cipriani.

Robert Adam, in conjunction with the school of Hepplewhite, assisted greatly in the evolution of the modern sideboard. The Tudor and Stuart buffets, which had gone quite out of fashion by the commencement of the eighteenth century, were designed not only for the display of silver, pewter, or china, but also to contain the furnishings of the dining-table. During the reign of Anne and the first two Georges the only equivalent for the buffet appears to have been the side table, a piece which was often made without

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