Satinwood Inlaid Library Bookcase

9 ft. Sj ins. high x 6 ft. ins. wide. Extreme dimensions. Date ahni.t 1790.1800

cross-ciMosewood, with a satinwood cock bead under. The frieze under this top is inlaid with alternate flutes of rose and violet woods in a ground of satinwood, below which is a rosewood astragal. The bevelled pilasters are inlaid with finely engraved marqueterie of fuchsia flowers depending from honeysuckle ornament. The doors are banded with cross-cut and feathered rosewood, and veneered with ovals formed by radiating satinwood fans in tulip and rosewood. The mitred surrounds are inlaid with marqueterie of box and rosewood scrolls carried over the mitred joints.

Behind the central drawers are four drawers, 3 feet wide by 1 foot 7J inches deep from back to front, of mahogany, veneered on the fronts with satinwood edged with cock beads of ebony. The handles to these drawers are of the earlier flamboyant pattern, of brass finely chased and plated with silver. In the frieze above the top drawer is a slide fitted with ivory knobs, as shown in the illustration, veneered 011 the upper face with satinwood banded with rosewood and inlaid with lines of green holly and

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