Satinwood Decorated Table

I ft. 11 ins. wide I ft. 7 ins. deep x 2 ft. 4I ins. high. Date about 1790.

mi till' pu.sw.siMi, ,,f A. ( . ,1c Pinna. F;sq. 3 i . 7} ri-. wide ■ 1 fl. 9 in. deep, uver top. 2 ft. 61 ins. high. Date about 1795.
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HAREWOOD COMMODE. (One of a pair.)

I In the possesion of J. Corkill, Esq. 4 - ft. 10 ins. high >c I ft. Q ins. deep.

Date about 1790-95.

rosewood and decorated with a central oval containing a classical figure in the Pergolesi manner. Fig. 330 is one of a pair of side tables of remarkable quality for this late date. The veneer is choice West India satinwood—a sure indication of a period later than that of Hepplewhite, to which this table might otherwise be referred. The top is painted in the centre with an elaborately knotted ribbon and surrounded with a border of peacocks' feathers. The legs and framings are decorated with garlands and swags of flowers, all exquisitely painted. Tables of this kind were made to stand between windows, and generally in pairs, as the usual saloons of this period had nearly always three windows, two or four being, for some unknown reason, very exceptional. It will be noticed that a strip of the top, at the back, is left plain, evidently to accommodate one of the tall gilt mirrors of this date; and the top also overhangs at the back to this extent to permit of the table being placed over the surbase and close to the wall. The French fashion of the furniture " d'appui " or

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